Za Vas

Date: October 2014
Event: DMG Jam – AdHoctober
Language/Engine: HTML5, JavaScript, PhaserJS, Unity3d, c#
Additional Credits:
Brittney Oberfeld (Design/UI)
Kimberly Koronya (Art)
Jen Costa (Sound)
Mike Romaniak (Sound/Music)

This is the first game jam that I participated in a team.

The game was conceived by Brittney Oberfeld, from inspiration from the interactions of her non-Russian boyfriend, with her very Russian family. The idea grew into a strange dating-sim where all the family members became very demanding towards you (the player). It was a fun idea.

During the jam, the game was originally created in HTML5 and PhaserJS, but we then redesigned various elements, and moved the game over to Unity3d. There, we further added polish with additional art, voice acting, special effects, and of course, cleaner code.