What the Duck

Site: https://ctran13.itch.io/what-the-duck
Date: May 2018
Event: TOJam 13 – Winning is for Losers
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d
Additional Credits:
James Rajaste (music)
Mike Romaniak (sound)

The theme for this year’s TOJam was a challenging one. For the entire week I couldn’t really come up with a concept for Winning is for Losers. And even as the event started, I wasn’t really sure about the idea I came up with.

The concept is rather straight forward. Imagine a game that children would play, where it would start off as something like tag, or even soccer. Then mid-game, one child would randomly claim a brand new rule to the game, that may or may not be nonsensical by the standards of the current game.

This, in essence, is the concept of What the Duck.

To implement this, I had a list of 15 or so rules. Every 10 seconds or so, a new rule would be randomly applied. If I had more time, I would most definitely had added a lot more rules. To adhere to the theme, one of the rules was Winning is for Losers, which would make the goal of the game to have the least amount of points.

The end result is a highly unbalanced, albeit silly and highly entertaining game, where the rules are made up and nobody really knows what’s going on.

Oh, and I’m quite proud of my duck animations, which boasts more than 50 frames each.