Untitled LD43

Date: Nov 2018
Event: Ludum Dare 43 – Sacrifices must be made
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d
Additional Credits: Mike Romaniak (music/sound code)

Mike and I had an idea to create a horror game with heavy use of sounds and visual effects. While there isn’t much in terms of game play, I feel like both myself and Mike learned quite a bit with this undertaking.

The concept of the game relies heavily on the story we came up with: the protagonist is someone who is stuck in a time loop of sorts, but in that he constantly meets past versions of himself in various states of regret. Any time he meets one of his “past selves”, they are exaggerated and twisted versions of those regrets, and thus where the horror elements are incorporated. The theme fits in that he essentially must sacrifice himself in order to progress.

The challenges for this project lie in the sound and visual glitches. The sound portions were written by Mike, where I created the overall game play mechanic (tank style controls, similar to old Resident Evil games) and the visual glitches.