TV Room

Date: Jan 2017
Event: Global Game Jam – Waves
Language/Engine: C#. Unity3d
Additional Credits:
Brittney Oberfeld (Narrative/VO)
Kimberly Koronya (Model/Textures)
Mike Romaniak(Sound/VO)

The idea of this game was “TV waves”. The initial concept was to allow players to “channel surf” by staring at a TV as the waves slowly envelop you and teleport you into that channel. As you explore these channels, you would find clues that would piece together a larger narrative.

This concept, however, proved to be much too large to pull off. Instead, we opted to have the same room but in different times. You wouldn’t be given a proper timeline, and you wouldn’t know the order that the rooms were in. The only clues you have is the layout of the room, and the radio that plays in the background.

This was my first experiment with HTC Vive, and it was a lot of fun. The concept was solid and easy enough to pull off, but it did teach me that level building in VR is much different.