Date: April 2017
Client: Debut Careers
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d

This was created as part of the Debut Careers app. Various companies looking to hire new graduates would attempt to attract certain demographics using games. These games would promote their company to further showcase them with information that one typically didn’t associate with their name, as well as give out prizes to top scorers of their game, such as interviews, iPads, and other prizes.

Newton held a contest to design a game with certain criteria in mind. This was the concept that won, and the winner received an internship for a short duration.

The game involved players piecing together floating triangles to form clusters. Each colour represents a different business that Newton deals with, and a cluster cannot contain two of the same colour. If that happens then the game is lost. The player can also piece together a specific goal cluster that is shown in the top for more points that are typically earned. They can also build a cluster with all the available colours.

This game was completed in 2 weeks.