The Seeker

Date: Oct 2015
Client: Debut Careers
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d
Additional Credits: 
Brittney Oberfeld (Design/UX)

This was created as part of the Debut Careers app. Various companies looking to hire new graduates would attempt to attract certain demographics using games. These games would promote their company to further showcase them with information that one typically didn’t associate with their name, as well as give out prizes to top scorers of their game, such as interviews, iPads, and other prizes.

This game was created for L’Oreal. Their aim was to put to the forefront various things that they do aside from hair-care and cosmetics. For example, they wanted to let people know that they were heavily into science and innovation, like a project that let’s them 3d print skin for burn victims. They also wanted to attract more male applicants.

The idea that Brittney and I came up with was a maze runner game where you would navigate a maze containing areas that showcase different aspects of L’Oreal. You had to collect all the puzzle pieces in the maze with a good time and possibly collect as many coins as you could along the way. The result was a very fast paced action game that required quick reflexes.

The game took a week to conceptualize, and a week to implement in full.