Space Golf

Date: Aug 2018
Event: Ludum Dare 42 – Running out of space
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d
Additional Credits: Mike Romaniak (music/sound)

The concept of this game was inspired by JezzBall, where you would try to encapsulate a ball in a tiny space. But for this idea, you were to create planets that would manipulate the gravity for a meteor that was slowly moving across the screen. The idea of “golf” came after designing a basic mechanic, thus creating a goal where you were trying to guide a meteor into a black hole.

The overall game was easy to build. However, the very specific math of applying gravitational forces to the meteor was difficult to nail down (even as it stands, it could still be further polished). Given that the mechanic was such a simple thing to implement, I decided to try to implement various elements that would make the game feel a lot better, specifically, when the meteor collided and destroyed all the planets.

The destruction was probably the most fun I’ve had for making of this game.