Date: March 2017 – Present
Language/Engine: C#. Unity3d
Additional Credits:
James Rajaste (Music/Sound)
Kim Koronya (Character and Building models)

This is a personal project that was started as development on my daily commute. For the better part of 1 and a half years, this game was only touched on for 30 minutes a day.

The concept of the game started with Sokoban, a classic Japanese puzzle game that involved pushing boxes into specific tiles on a map. My idea involved dice, as dice have a specific layout that would make for an interesting puzzle mechanic.

The gameplay is simple. You are given a die, and you can only rotate the die one face at a time. There is also a goal tile with a number. The purpose is to slowly roll that die with the proper number face up on that tile. As the levels increase, so does the complexity. More dice can be added; additional mechanics; etc.

A demo is available, but the final game will be released with 132 levels comprised of 22 different themes.