Snowboard Snapshots

Date: Oct 2018 – Jan 2019
Project: TVO’s mPower
Language/Engine: HTML5, TypeScript, PhaserJS

This game was created for the mPower project, a collection of educational games focusing on the Ontario School Board curriculum for Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

A part of the curriculum for grade 3 was understanding how to build strong and stable structures. In mPower, there were already games that involved construction, but for this grade, we needed a simpler one in which the player would just need to build a mini tower that withstands external forces.

This game was a challenge for me simply because I was new to the grades 3-6 portion of the mPower project. The project was written in TypeScript and contained a rather complicated structure to the build of the game. Luckily, similar games were build before in the 3-6 project, so a lot of the work I did was based on that.

Other challenges were trying to incorporate external forces without adding too many physics objects, as that would impact the overall performance of the game. My solution was to use one invisible object and constantly move it to different segments of the tower and toss it at the structure. I dubbed this the “invisible teleporting ball”.