Red Crayon

Date: July 2015
Event: DMG Jam – DreadJam
Language/Engine: C#. Unity3d
Additional Credits:
Brittney Oberfeld (UI/2D art)
James Rajaste (Music/Sound)

Dread Jam was something new to me, as I had never done a horror game before.

The concept was to take existing short horror stories and convert them into games. The story that we took was a story of a couple who moves into a house and finds a crayon in the same spot every day. The gameplay mechanic was also new to me, since I’ve always only have done action/arcade games, so creating a more narrative driven puzzle game was new. We managed to finish a large portion of the intended game, but we managed to get a lot of the creepy atmosphere in.

This is definitely something I would like to try to rework or jump back into.