Office Hunt

Date: Oct 2016
Client: Debut Careers
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d

This was created as part of the Debut Careers app. Various companies looking to hire new graduates would attempt to attract certain demographics using games. These games would promote their company to further showcase them with information that one typically didn’t associate with their name, as well as give out prizes to top scorers of their game, such as interviews, iPads, and other prizes.

Microsoft wanted their candidates to know that their offices weren’t a typical office with old men in suits. They wanted to showcase the youthful and modern look, that was comparable to the physical Microsoft Stores. They also wanted to attract all demographics of all genders and ethnic backgrounds.

I conceived of a game where players are having a scavenger hunt inside the Microsoft offices, and using the various Microsoft products to assist them in their adventure. There are also enemies that you could stop with use of your flashlight.

The game was completed in a week.