Money Midway

Date: Dec 2017 – Jan 2018
Project: TVO’s mPower
Language/Engine: HTML5, JavaScript, PhaserJS

This game was created for the mPower project, a collection of educational games focusing on the Ontario School Board curriculum for Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

Every now and then, mPower would go back on previous games, and revise it to add additional educational components, or rework things that didn’t work. For Money Midway, it was more for reworking existing gameplay. The game was broken into 3 segments. The first segment was identifying coins and their values. The second segment was creating various values with nickels and dimes. The final segment was adding values of coins presented to them.

The second and third segments were the sections that were reworked. For the second segment, we no longer needed the children to create various values, but instead find multiple ways to make the same value (ie. two dimes or four nickels to create twenty cents). The last segment was a visual change that moved from a horizontal alignment to a vertical alignment, allowing for the possibility of displaying the values in a number line.

A fairly straightforward project, but also notable for being my first jump into the mPower project.