Micro Mash

Date: Sept 2016 – Nov 2016
Event: ROM Game Jam ā€“ Dawn of Life
Language/Engine: C#. Unity3d
Additional Credits:
Brittney Oberfeld (UI)
Kimberly Koronya (Art)
Mike Romaniak (Music/Sound)

Micro Mash is a multiplayer game where players must work together to move themselves, the organism, through a watery environment, while simultaneously battling each other to be the last arm standing. Each player is trying to outlast the other in order to be the one to influence evolution.

We initially conceived it as a fractal organism with each “arm” having a mind of it’s own. In true evolutionary fashion, parts of a body that don’t provide and use to the overall organism would be “phased out” as evolution happens. This was the basic premise. We further added to this idea with the concept that each “arm” would be responsible for collecting food. If an arm was slacking, then they would be the weakest link in the evolution process and ultimately eliminated.

This game was featured in the Dawn of Life exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum for a year.