Last Alive

Date: April 2014
Event: TOJam 9 – After You
Language/Engine: HTML5, JavaScript, PhaserJS
Additional Credits: James Rajaste (music)

This game was created for my game jam I’ve participated in since graduating, and so, it holds a special place in my heart. This game was the starting point for me constantly challenging myself to try things I wasn’t accustomed to (and ultimately started my addiction for game jams)

The theme, After You, inspired a Home Alone-esque image, where you play as someone who has to set traps to survive. I had the image of a boy opening a door full of traps as enemies slid on ice through the doorway while the boy said “After You”. The game itself didn’t translate that theme quite clearly, but I am quite proud that I managed to complete a game using technologies that I have never used before.