Geoboard Garden

Date: Feb 2018 – March 2018
Project: TVO’s mPower
Language/Engine: HTML5, JavaScript, PhaserJS

This game was created for the mPower project, a collection of educational games focusing on the Ontario School Board curriculum for Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

Every now and then, mPower would go back on previous games, and revise it to add additional educational components, or rework things that didn’t work. For Geoboard Garden, it was more for adding additional material.

Originally, the game merely consisted of a geoboard, where players would create shapes based on instructions given to them. To supplement geometry concepts, the educators required that the students also identify shapes based on properties.

A colleague of mine added a second segment, where players would simply identify the one shape given the properties. I added a third segment, where players would identify a group of shapes based on the descriptions. The mechanic was by no means difficult to implement. The animations were a bit more challenging, but again, fairly straightforward.