Canadian Nuts

Date: July 2015
Event: DMG Jam ā€“ Gym Jam
Language/Engine: C#. Unity3d
Additional Credits:
Brittney Oberfeld (UI/2D art)
Kim Koronya (3d Art)
Jen Costa (Music/Sound)

Gym Jam was a collaboration with the PanAm games hosted in Toronto in 2015.

The idea of the jam was to create a sport-inspired competitive game using Canadian themes/imagery. Our team came up with the idea of squirrels collecting nuts (Because squirrels are very abundant in Toronto). We further elaborated the idea of adding hazardous nuts that would stun players, or explode and create more havoc in the field.

The game was a success and was featured in the PanAm arcade hosted in one of the show areas. Looking back, the game could have used a lot of polish, but it was pretty well made given the time allotted.