Agile Minds

Date: Oct 2015
Client: Debut Careers
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d
Additional Credits:
Paco Cuevas (Original Game)

This was created as part of the Debut Careers app. Various companies looking to hire new graduates would attempt to attract certain demographics using games. These games would promote their company to further showcase them with information that one typically didn’t associate with their name, as well as give out prizes to top scorers of their game, such as interviews, iPads, and other prizes.

Deutsche Bank wanted a game that tested various qualities of their candidates. Paco came up with a game that would first test their reflexes and how well they react under pressure with the first two game. The next game would test their decision making skills as well as their logic. The last game was designed to calm the applicants down with a game of patience.

After Paco was finished with the game, I fixed various bugs as well as redesigned the overall look and feel of the game to better represent Deutsche Bank.