A Better World

Site: http://debut.careers/
Date: Feb 2016
Client: Debut Careers
Language/Engine: C#, Unity3d
Additional Credits: James Rajaste (Music)

This was created as part of the Debut Careers app. Various companies looking to hire new graduates would attempt to attract certain demographics using games. These games would promote their company to further showcase them with information that one typically didn’t associate with their name, as well as give out prizes to top scorers of their game, such as interviews, iPads, and other prizes.

EY wanted a game that would showcase their mission statement of building strengths to build a better world. They also wanted to let their applicants know that they hire candidates with any background, and varying strengths, ultimately letting people know that it takes all kinds to build a company.

I came up two ideas that would work as a single package. First, there were a number of challenges that would test different attributes: logic, accuracy, memory, etc. In each of these categories were 3 different games that would gradually build up in difficulty as you continue.

The second aspect of the game came form in a world building game. In each category also contained various sets of improvements you could apply to in your world. For example, playing more logic games would develop more logic based buildings, such as schools and universities; games that dealt with reaction would improve police stations; and so on.

The end result was a collection of 15 minigames, as well as over 30 builds you could improve.

The game was built from the ground up by myself in it’s entirety in 3 days.